19th Apr 2014
The Digital Domain of Stanley Garvey
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Thanks for dropping by on this fantastic April evening.

New: Slackware ARM SD card image for the Raspberry Pi can be found here.

New: Slackware mirror at rsync.stanleygarvey.co.uk. An experimental rsync server running on Raspberry Pi hardware. Updated weekly.

New: Slackware mirror running on Raspberry Pi hardware at ftp.stanleygarvey.co.uk. Anonymous login is supported.

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May the luck plane tilt in your favour.

With kind regards,
Random Quote from alt.os.linux.slackware:
No matter. Already we, the Perl users, control the horizontal. Soon we 
shall control the vertical. Then all your cpu cycles will be ours!
               -- Richard Williams

Keep Cool, but Don't Freeze
-- Hellman's Mayonnaise

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